Me whining about work, and Inspired to Ride!

Hi friends. I didn’t get a lot of time to blog last week. Work was really busy. I’ve been getting up at the unholy hour of three-thirty am to make it to work by five. Of course that meant that I had to be in bed by nine at the latest to get the bare minimum of sleep. I am not a morning person, and I make no apologies for that fact. I doubt many people truly are. Getting up before the ass crack of dawn, in my opinion, is a form of torture that we collectively, howbeit needlessly, force each other to do.

Anyway, enough about work and sleep deprivation. I know you don’t come to my blog to listen to me whine.

On the positive, I have been really getting into this physical fitness thing. I’ve been consistently attending RPM classes at the gym. RPM is sort of like Spin. It’s very intense. I come out the classes dripping with sweat and barley able to walk. Great exercise! I discovered just how great it is this afternoon when I went with a bike ride around town with Denice. The last time I had the bike out I was winded withing minutes of starting out. Today I did seven miles, and it hardly phased me. Now, the test will be if I can maintain it. I believe I can, and I will.

Inspired to RideSpeaking of cycling, the creators of my favorite documentary, Ride the Divide, are about to release magic upon us again. This coming Saturday, April the eleventh, the world premiere of Inspired to Ride will take place in Denver Colorado! Inspired to Ride is film by Mike Dion about the epic, hell… borderline insane Trans America Bike Race. The Trans Am race is a 4,233 mile, self-supported bicycle race through ten states, from coast to coast. I am not in Colorado, so I will be watching the online steam of the premiere. Tickets can be purchased here.

That’s all for now friends. Till next time.

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