Tiny Houses and the yearning for community

Hi friends.

I have been on vacation this week. Surprise, I’m actually posting on this blog now that I have tons of free time. I’ve noticed that about on day two or three of a vacation, I start to pick up all the things that a busy work life has forced to the back burners. One day I will learn the skill of consistency.

Today I have spent a good deal of time watch videos on Youtube about tiny houses; building them, living in them, and all the fun minimalist concepts that go along. Denice and I have both taken up an interest in minimalist living, and that’s huge. There aren’t many things that we have a common interest in, so when we find something that we are both into, it’s only a matter of time before we dive in.

Our current house is already (relatively) small, at seven hundred square feet. So the thought of downsizing is pretty scary. It’s one of those things that you know will take sacrifice and dedication, but you also know will add more to your life that it requires.

I really like the idea of using a tiny house/minimalist living to help get us out of debt. I also like the idea of being “off the grid” and more sustainable and self-reliant. But, what I really love is the idea of being able to share this with like-minded others – to build a community.

Community, over the years, has become largely lost to the consumer capitalist culture. We don’t need each other like we used to. Before, neighbors would share things to keep from having to buy every little thing that you need to live. If I had a drill or a lawn mower, the whole community had it. Before, you wouldn’t pay for child care because there were plenty of others with children in your circle who would be more than happy to share the responsibility. We used to take care of each other, but now we just pay. We pay strangers and corporations to do everything for us. We don’t have to know them, we don’t have to like them, and we certainly don’t have to be vulnerable and true with them. This arrangement sucks. It’s too impersonal.

What I yearn for is true community. Deep down inside me there is a part that wants and needs community. I think what I would like to do some day is build a tiny house community – a true village. One where resources could be pooled and raw freedom could be wrenched from the cold hands of the corporate beast that most of us are prisoners of.

So, where to start? Well, the logical place to start would be with our own dwelling. This would be a big challenge for us, seeing that the only thing that we have every built together is a dog house, and we really botched it. However, Denice and I are fairly intelligent and resourceful people, and I believe in our ability to figure things out and get them done.

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