No, you’re not seeing double

Hello friends.

If you have managed to stumble upon this blog after following my old blog, then you are probably thinking, wtf? Well, don’t be alarmed. I have started this new blog of the same name here, hosted on Basically, it’s still Erick’s Odyssey, just more relevant to my life and interests, and with less technical fuck-ups.

Currently, I am still locked out of my old blog, which is self-hosted. If you’re not familiar with WordPress, let me explain a little. WordPress is open source software. Basically that means that it was developed by a community of open source enthusiasts, and it is free to use and modify any way you see fit, which is awesome. However, if it breaks, then it is on you to fix it. Normally I love tinkering with things and figuring our errors, but the current problem has left me hopelessly locked out of my own blog for months now. Of course, I do have the backup files, and could just wipe the whole thing, re-install WordPress, and raise my blog from the dead, but there’s no guarantee that I won’t just run into the same problem again in the future. I just want to type my thoughts onto the Internet, and I really don’t have time for issues like this.

So, what I have decided to do, instead of replicating everything onto, I have decided to start afresh! In the old blog, I don’t think I was being my authentic self anyway. Most of my posts were wrote with the need for the approval of others in the back of my mind. Well, forget that. I am who I am. From now on I don’t care who does and doesn’t read my blog. This is just an outlet for me, and nothing more. I am not looking for fans or likes, and I will no longer give a thought to who may or may not be offended or disappointed by me.

With that said, I am glad you are here, whoever you are. If you like reading about my weird, eclectic life, then great. If not… there’s nothing forcing you to stay.

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